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wHY cash pos?

Your Affordable Business Software Solutions!
Easy To Use

With an easy-to-use graphical user interface, you can pick up and use immediately. Also, the customization features make it possible to set up your register with the most-used buttons front and center.

Mobile Ordering

Other than window OS, CASH POS also able to use IPad or even an Android device for sales ordering. Mobile devices use a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) client to access CASH POS on the server computer.

Franchise & Multi-Outlets

Track and manage your inventory across all outlets. Perform receiving, as well as  stock transfers between outlets. Also, keep all your member profiles, points and credits in one central database.

Inquiries & Reports

CASH POS provides reports in 2D and 3D graphical representations of your data, including pie chart, bar graph, etc. All reports able to export to Excel, PDF or even sent to Email.

Designed For You

CASH POS is the best POS system because it's designed to fullfill your unique needs. You can start with the basic features, then add modules for advanced capabilities as your business grows.

Variety Hardware Choices

CASH POS systems offers a variety of POS hardware and works with many business types. Its hardware options include weighing scale machines, card readers, barcode scanners, RFID readers and etc.

Accounting Integration

CASH ACCOUNTING is designed to manage small businesses cash flow and finances. It integrates with CASH POS for real-time updates your inventory quantities. With simple Payroll built in, you can easily process monthly salary, EPF, SOCSO, EIS and print the payslip.

Cloud Reports

One major advantage of using a CASH POS solution is the live web reporting. Real time reports can be generated and monitored at anytime anywhere.

MORE Features

  • Auto backup
  • Multi price level
  • Support IOS & Android device
  • Salesperson commission
  • Support multiple UOM
  • Time attendance
  • Support MSR & proximity card
  • Customizable layout view
  • Customizeble shift report
  • Customizable barcode label
  • Min price control
  • Below cost control
  • Negative stock control
  • Customizable table & menu layout
  • Customizable receipt template
  • Customizable menu & table size, color
  • Support weighing scale barcode
  • Link to weighing scale machine
  • Reverse discount features
  • Support token features
  • Support queue no
  • Queue no calling features
  • Sales submission to management
  • Add member without leaving POS Screen
  • Add salesperson without leaving POS Screen
  • Service charge (Inclusive/Exclusive)
  • Bill discount allocate to item discount
  • Sales key mapping
  • Print receipts after payment
  • Support multi payment
  • Keep track of salesperson by item or bills
  • Item sales return
  • Print temporary bill before settlement
  • Bar kitchen & order list printing
  • Reorder advice
  • Support item in package
  • Audit trail
  • Daily attendance report
  • By outlet sales report
  • Accounting integration
  • Minimum Purchase
  • Subsidy Module
  • Easy to set up, easy to use
  • Support multi language
  • Support multi outlets
  • Support retail & FnB
  • Stock inventory control
  • SST tax ready
  • User Access Control
  • Live dashboard
  • Support second display
  • Support 8 digitals & 2 lines display
  • Print barcode
  • Auto shift tracking
  • Support next day sales
  • Lock sales after closing
  • Login as salesperson
  • Combine item
  • Auto item code numbering
  • Auto generate member code
  • Auto sent email
  • Ordering by weight
  • Touch screen / keyboard input
  • Item pricing checking
  • Taxes & service charge handling
  • Member discount & pricing
  • Sales promotions
  • Happy hours
  • Dine In & Takeaway price level
  • Split payment, split bill, join bill
  • Transfer table
  • Report can save to Excel & PDF
  • Sent report through email
  • Rounding adjustment
  • Cash in & out operations
  • Easy product lookup
  • Item & bill discount
  • Item & bill remark
  • Preset Discount
  • Discount by percentage or value
  • Item price overwrite with approval
  • Membership points & credits
  • Member expiry date control
  • Stock expiry date control

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